Business Templates Bundle: For Your Business Success

Anil Agrawal
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Important Project Proposal, 3 sample Client Intake Forms, Testimonial Form ... All Ready to Go.

Running a successful personal brand business involves more than coaching, consulting, writing, designing, or shooting photos ...

It requires clear and professional client communications. And an ability to properly manage the “business end” of your projects.

You could spend hours drafting responses to client inquiries. Days preparing proposals. And years developing the perfect system to prevent embarrassing mistakes from making it in front of your clients. Some people never get it right.

But every one of these business-critical details is taken care of for you in my Business Templates Bundle.

These templates save you time. They streamline your business processes. They add structure to your day-to-day operations.

But most important, they ensure your daily client interactions reflect positively on you as a total pro.

In short, these Business Templates let you automate your business so you can focus on doing your best work.

No More Project Management Headaches

Whether you’re kicking off a new project or wrapping one up, these templates keep every project on track. Here's what you get:

1. 3-in-1 New Client Intake Form

Get all the info you need ... before your first phone call. Your Client Intake Form ensures you know all the right questions to ask. Your client will know every aspect of their project has been considered when you send over your proposal. Plus you won't waste time taking calls from freeloaders or people that want free consultations.

This document actually includes 3 different types of forms - use 1, use all 3, use whichever one you like or you think best fits your needs.

2. Official Project Proposal

Your project proposal isn’t a price quote, it’s a sales letter. This done-for-you Project Proposal Template spells out every detail, and reminds your prospect why hiring you is a no-brainer. This is the same proposal template that I use with my clients.

3. One-Page Project Proposal (Great for Repeat Clients)

Most people write long proposals in an effort to look good. In reality, choosing the right clients ensures you save time in every step of the process -- including those you do repeat business with. Your One-Page Project Proposal gets to the point quickly and efficiently, and you'll be surprised at how easily it helps secure repeat business.

4. Client Testimonial Form

Testimonials are a vital part of your marketing, but you must get detailed and results-based testimonials that showcase your unique value. Your Client Testimonial Form ensures every client (even that ones that hate writing) give you a compelling, persuasive testimonial that you can utilize right away in your marketing. 


Altogether, the Business Templates Bundle for Your Business Success gives you everything you need to automate and supercharge your business.

Think of how many hours you'll save by having this process in place. This small investment will help you automate the least engaging part of your personal brand business ... while yielding some of the most significant results.


Anil Agrawal

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Business Templates Bundle: For Your Business Success

0 ratings
I want this!